Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Delphi is selling at Black Market prices!  Our Black Market Halloween Sale -
focusing on girls bred to black BMF Taos' Zeppelin.
Zeppelin has given us lots of stunning new babies in 2012 - including 3 true black girls we have named Mairzy Doats, Dozey Doats, and Lamzy Divey.  They are very exciting little girls.
Because we have these lovely new ladies we have decided to offer some of Delphi's true black foundation girls up at great prices for the Black Market.

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Wow - we had a great response to our sale!
We sold our package of 4 black females - Congratulations to Snowmass Alpacas on an excellent purchase.  This included 1 black Zeppelin daughter and 3 true black females bred to Zeppelin.
We'll be watching for them in the show ring!