Monday, July 20, 2009

Happenings today - 7-20-09
Jordin was quite uncomfortable this AM - she'd been humming last night in a way that made me hope she was not going into labor 6 weeks early. But as the morning progressed she relaxed and went back to normal Jordin. We think the baby has shifted - she looks more streamlined than she did -
I think that's what was making her feel uncomfortable. Now the baby is lined up waiting for clearance to take off!

Gilda is very ready to deliver - my bets are for tomorrow.
Last years baby was Futurity Blue Ribbon winning Lilac - So we are eager to meet this new one!
But every baby is like that anymore - and we are surprised every year by which of the litter turns out to be the headliner.
I wish we had gotten a picture of Gilda riding the hay wagon the other day -
using that big 'ol belly full of baby to cover ALL the hay as she dragged it off the cart by riding the wagon then sliding off and landing on the hay -
mine mine mine mine mine - - -
Guess you had to be there!
But Gilda has a big piece of my heart. Named after Gilda Radner because of her sweet happy little clown attitude - even pregnant she is a doll.