Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 Summer has arrived!

It looks like we have 11 babies lined up to arrive this year -
and the first are on the ground.

Ruby Rose, the mother of Deacon Grey, delivered "Aeros" - a beautiful rose grey son of El Nino's Golden Legend.  He is gorgeous - and looks quite a bit like his mom!

On the 4th of July - Libby arrived!  Daughter of our Vina Fay Gray, and Snowmass Enlightenment - we were expecting a grey but were gifted with a beige girl with a stunning fleece already.  Her full name is "Liberté Éclairant" after the Statue of Liberty's real name: "Liberté éclairant le monde" which means Liberty enlightening the world.

Be sure to check on our July "2012 weanling sale" - our 2012 babies are on sale - pick your two favorites and take 30% off the total price.  Have some fun with your calculator - you can very nearly get one free!  Click on any of our websites and see our sales pages there for more details.

Our 2013 Show Season Highlights:

The 2013 Show Season was a good one for Delphi.  MOPACA yielded a 1st for Tau, a second for Avion, and The Doatsy twins got 4th and 5th in a tough class of 10.

At the Futurity - Avion again pulled in a 2nd (red was his color for 2013) - this time in very tough competition of a ring full of champions.  He was considered for 1st when sandwiched by Peter Kennedy with the winner, Greener Pasture's Bellarmine.
Also at the Futurity - we met, fell in love with, and immediately purchased, Delphi's grey herdsire of the future.  KVR's Peruvian True Eye Candy!  Kind of a mouthful so we call him "Ike".  Ike was awarded a 1st at the Futurity.

Then GWAS - where Dozy squeaked a 6th in a monster class of 16 true black girls, Ike came away with 1st place, Hamal got a 5th in a really tough class of 11 beige boys,  and Deltana won a 3rd in a class of 11 fawns.

Finally the Nationals - we had already shorn so took fleeces, and just three boys to show in halter that we sheared after the show.  All three boys pulled 2nd places this time - Ike, Avion, and Tau.
Avion was again closely compared with the winner of his class, Bellarmine.
The fleece show was also very good to Delphi -
Zeppelin won Color Champion Black with his 4th shearing!  He is still rocking with excellent fineness, brightness and character - the judge's love it when older pacas still have it.
His daughter Mairzy won Blue in her class, followed closely by Dozy winning Second in the same class.