Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 2011 Babies have arrived!

We have been blessed this year with 5 little girls and 8 boys.
Dark brown Appeline had lovely dark brown "Manzanilla" from her match up with .38 Special.
We leased wonderful Monet for a breeding with Zeppelin and she had fawn "Phrixus".
Fawn Bridget had darling fawn "Rain Song" with Zeppelin.
Brown Hannah Moon had wonderful rose grey "Lailah Moon" with Avatar.
TB Fendi had a spunky little TB girl from Zeppelin -"Zeppelin's Lyrica"!
And Nora has had her first baby - a gorgeous beige indefinite boy "Uriah".
Uriah, a Zeppelin boy, may have the best fleece I have seen on a brand new cria.  WOW!
I don't say things like that every day.    ;^)
Twyla Belle had Phoenix of the amazingly dense crimpy golden fleece, with Avatar;
Amelia had an Incredible maroon boy "Rama" from Avatar - OMG you will see this boy wearing purple!
Delia had "A-V-8" from 38 Special -  Oh My his dark golden fleece is true butter.
Gilda had proud and strong rose grey "Artax" from Avatar,
Cloe had a very pretty dark brown princess "Bindi" with Avatar,
Sunset had gorgeous silver "Aeon" with Legend's Challenger,
and Prada finished the year with super fine, crimpy little rose grey "Neo" with Avatar.

We are so excited!  Show season will be fun as always, and the babies are now having a great time on the playgound outside our kitchen window.  Ahhhh new life!