Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An update on Delphi's 2012 cria crop -
So you can look for these babies in the show ring soon!

First born of 2012 - to our wonderful Sophie - Arion (pronounced like Orion with a soft O) is a rose grey Avatar son we are Very excited to show!  He will debut at MOPACA.

Next to arrive, Avion, born to a fantastic silver grey dam leased from Alpenglow Alpacas.  Avion is another stunning rose grey Avatar son - he'll be showing with Arion, most likely - and the judge will have a tough time choosing.  We do too!

Hannah Moon then gave us Calliope Moon - a light brown Avatar daughter, full sister to Lailah - our National grey fleece champion!  Watch for Calliope at MOPACA and at The Futurity Auction!

Our last Avatar cria of 2012 is Tau, a dark brown boy born from a true black Silver Celebration dam.  Tau has a stunning fleece, and we are excited to show him at MOPACA as well.

Then came the Zeppelin kids!  Mimzy gave us Mairzy Doats -
This true black beauty is so exciting to me - just gorgeous and What a beautiful fleece.

Her true black sister Dozey Doats was born 10 days later - to our Gilda.  We have a hard time telling these girls apart!  They should both be old enough to show at MOPACA as well.

Two more Zeppelin stars you'll see in our show string include:
Hamal - a beige son of white Abilene - who is a fantastic female.  A stunning boy - we are thrilled with him.  And - dark brown Appeline gave us a fawn Zeppelin daughter named Deltana.  Deltana has her mother's "in your face" personality - fun fun fun!  and a fleece to die for.

Then we were thrilled to meet our two gorgeous 38 Special daughters - Camelia is a dark maroon daughter of our maroon queen, Amelia; and Talia is a medium brown daughter of our beloved Delia.  Watch for them at GWAS this year.

Finally - little miss too cute - Tabitha was born to our wonderful Katy.  Her first daughter, Tabitha is a taupey medium brown Toledo daughter.  She has a fantastic, fine dense crimpy fleece - and is simply the cutest of the whole litter.

We also were blessed with Zeppelin daughters Sophia and "Cutie Patootie" - who have already found new homes!  Congratulations to their new owners as well.