Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 has been the most challenging show season Delphi has had.
We cancelled our attendance at The IAO OK Blast-Off due to a critically ill guardian dog (She's doing great now!) a sick little alpaca "Aeon", and our farm sitter's surgery.  We then straggled in to The Futurity with a reduced crew of 3 alpacas - but thoroughly enjoyed finally getting to see all of our show friends!  A fantastic weekend.  Unfortunately we totalled the truck on the way home (thanks to another trucker who was arrested for DUID).  But Gratefully, only one alpaca suffered a concussion, and though we've been instructed to leave him home from the next show, he's doing well.  And so, for the most part, are we.  And now here we are - getting ready to head out one last time this spring, for the Great Western!  Leaving behind our ulcer boy and our concussion boy for now (Watch for Aeon and Rama at the Fall Shows!) - but we are excited to see our friends at GWAS.

Update - - - unfortunately we had to cancel GWAS too.  With a last minute case of diarrhea in our showstring, and relying on a friends trailer for hauling our alpacas, we couldn't risk contaminating their alpacas with ours.   Next year!

Looking forward to shearing day on May 11th -
Then we get to sit back and watch for babies.   Ahhhhhh -
doesn't get any better than that.
Stay tuned for baby updates!

6-12-12:   Update - our first baby of the year is here and he is beautiful!  Sophie has given us a rose grey Avatar son that looks Very Exciting!  Stay tuned for pictures.