The Delphi Resume

A bit About Delphi.

Linda graduated from Bel-rea Institute of Animal Technology in 1983,
enjoyed an externship at the Denver Zoo, and then worked for ten years as a Certified Veterinary Technician at small animal practices in Colorado and in New Jersey.
From 1989 thru 1991, she was the Veterinary Assistant program instructor at Denver’s Pima Medical Institute, while also working at Colorado Veterinary Laboratory in Broomfield, CO; with a focus on hematology and microbiology.

After discovering alpacas in 1991, she found herself at the 1993 AOBA conference, falling head over heels in love with baby pacas. Shortly afterwards, Delphi's first 3 alpacas came home to Coaldale, CO.

The past 18 years have been an amazing ride - with new adventures every year. We have improved and evolved with the industry - and have become a bit obsessed along the way - obsessing over creating the very slickest, softest, finest, shiniest colored fleeces in the U.S.

We have managed 300 - 400 breedings, and Delphi has been home to well over 100 births. The girls have taught us that each alpaca is an individual, and if we listen - they tell us the best ways to keep everyone happy, healthy, and productive. We also have well over 50 shows under our belts - shows are great opportunities to learn and spend time with our friends.

Delphi’s chosen veterinarian and our good friend, Dr. Leslie Harrison,
moved to our area over ten years ago. Before then, Leslie was the primary veterinarian for a large farm of about 100 alpacas, as well as several smaller alpaca farms. Leslie is our first choice veterinarian, she provides an excellent common sense, initial assessment of every health or reproductive issue we have. She has done about 150 ultrasounds for us, & Leslie is available to offer experienced camelid care to all of the alpacas at Delphi.

Rus Hinman became Linda’s partner in 2006, and it’s a perfect fit. His previous occupations included crop dusting, airline pilot, and commercial jet pilot instructor. While the sound of every plane overhead will still make him stop in his tracks, Rus loves life with alpacas.

Together they manage the Delphi Alpaca herd, and, with the significant assistance of a rose grey herd sire named Avatar and his beautiful daughters, plus several amazing black herd sires such as Zeppelin and Glow in the Dark, they have created a colorful herd of very rare quality. Join us! We are happy to share our experiences.