Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to blogging!
Oh My it's been a while.  Our alpaca news of the year includes:
Delphi Avella's win at 2017 Nationals.
Avella was the second youngest grey female to show, at just over 6 months of age - and was selected as the best grey female of any shade or age, winning the National Color Championship banner.
Thank you to our partner in Avella's dad, Avatar, Susan Mikulecky, for an awesome job showing her.
And, congratulations to Avella's new owners, Alpacas of Moose Creek Ranch, Dale & Debbie Hoerl!

In the National Fleece Show this year, it was Ike daughter Delphi's Risa, who took a banner - winning the reserve championship in black with her juvenile fleece.  Congratulations to her new owner, Menagerie Hill Ranch Alpacas, Deb Galway!

We have 6 babies arriving this summer -
so far they include:
"Righteous" - a stunning light silver grey male unrelated to our herd.  Exciting!
He is a son of Snowmass Enlightened.  We purchased his mom Zippity Doo Dah from Mary Jaffe, and we could not be more thankful.  We adore Zippity and her son!

Also arrived, three beautiful Ike sons:
'Zactly, Rubacuori, and 2the9's.
They were followed, (thankfully), by our first girl of the season, Naia.
Naia is a daughter of one of very best producers, Avatar daughter Riva.
We can't wait to see them all grow up!
That just leaves Jazzmine, the mother of National Champion Avella, yet to deliver.
Please feel free to browse our Openherd listings (link at left) to learn more about our pacas.
We may have just the right alpaca, ready to join your herd.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A little behind on our updates -
I promise to update our recent show seasons soon!
But right now we are awaiting Eye Candy's (Ike's) first crias.
That ought to motivate some updating . . . .

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 Summer has arrived!

It looks like we have 11 babies lined up to arrive this year -
and the first are on the ground.

Ruby Rose, the mother of Deacon Grey, delivered "Aeros" - a beautiful rose grey son of El Nino's Golden Legend.  He is gorgeous - and looks quite a bit like his mom!

On the 4th of July - Libby arrived!  Daughter of our Vina Fay Gray, and Snowmass Enlightenment - we were expecting a grey but were gifted with a beige girl with a stunning fleece already.  Her full name is "Liberté Éclairant" after the Statue of Liberty's real name: "Liberté éclairant le monde" which means Liberty enlightening the world.

Be sure to check on our July "2012 weanling sale" - our 2012 babies are on sale - pick your two favorites and take 30% off the total price.  Have some fun with your calculator - you can very nearly get one free!  Click on any of our websites and see our sales pages there for more details.

Our 2013 Show Season Highlights:

The 2013 Show Season was a good one for Delphi.  MOPACA yielded a 1st for Tau, a second for Avion, and The Doatsy twins got 4th and 5th in a tough class of 10.

At the Futurity - Avion again pulled in a 2nd (red was his color for 2013) - this time in very tough competition of a ring full of champions.  He was considered for 1st when sandwiched by Peter Kennedy with the winner, Greener Pasture's Bellarmine.
Also at the Futurity - we met, fell in love with, and immediately purchased, Delphi's grey herdsire of the future.  KVR's Peruvian True Eye Candy!  Kind of a mouthful so we call him "Ike".  Ike was awarded a 1st at the Futurity.

Then GWAS - where Dozy squeaked a 6th in a monster class of 16 true black girls, Ike came away with 1st place, Hamal got a 5th in a really tough class of 11 beige boys,  and Deltana won a 3rd in a class of 11 fawns.

Finally the Nationals - we had already shorn so took fleeces, and just three boys to show in halter that we sheared after the show.  All three boys pulled 2nd places this time - Ike, Avion, and Tau.
Avion was again closely compared with the winner of his class, Bellarmine.
The fleece show was also very good to Delphi -
Zeppelin won Color Champion Black with his 4th shearing!  He is still rocking with excellent fineness, brightness and character - the judge's love it when older pacas still have it.
His daughter Mairzy won Blue in her class, followed closely by Dozy winning Second in the same class.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An update on Delphi's 2012 cria crop -
So you can look for these babies in the show ring soon!

First born of 2012 - to our wonderful Sophie - Arion (pronounced like Orion with a soft O) is a rose grey Avatar son we are Very excited to show!  He will debut at MOPACA.

Next to arrive, Avion, born to a fantastic silver grey dam leased from Alpenglow Alpacas.  Avion is another stunning rose grey Avatar son - he'll be showing with Arion, most likely - and the judge will have a tough time choosing.  We do too!

Hannah Moon then gave us Calliope Moon - a light brown Avatar daughter, full sister to Lailah - our National grey fleece champion!  Watch for Calliope at MOPACA and at The Futurity Auction!

Our last Avatar cria of 2012 is Tau, a dark brown boy born from a true black Silver Celebration dam.  Tau has a stunning fleece, and we are excited to show him at MOPACA as well.

Then came the Zeppelin kids!  Mimzy gave us Mairzy Doats -
This true black beauty is so exciting to me - just gorgeous and What a beautiful fleece.

Her true black sister Dozey Doats was born 10 days later - to our Gilda.  We have a hard time telling these girls apart!  They should both be old enough to show at MOPACA as well.

Two more Zeppelin stars you'll see in our show string include:
Hamal - a beige son of white Abilene - who is a fantastic female.  A stunning boy - we are thrilled with him.  And - dark brown Appeline gave us a fawn Zeppelin daughter named Deltana.  Deltana has her mother's "in your face" personality - fun fun fun!  and a fleece to die for.

Then we were thrilled to meet our two gorgeous 38 Special daughters - Camelia is a dark maroon daughter of our maroon queen, Amelia; and Talia is a medium brown daughter of our beloved Delia.  Watch for them at GWAS this year.

Finally - little miss too cute - Tabitha was born to our wonderful Katy.  Her first daughter, Tabitha is a taupey medium brown Toledo daughter.  She has a fantastic, fine dense crimpy fleece - and is simply the cutest of the whole litter.

We also were blessed with Zeppelin daughters Sophia and "Cutie Patootie" - who have already found new homes!  Congratulations to their new owners as well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Delphi is selling at Black Market prices!  Our Black Market Halloween Sale -
focusing on girls bred to black BMF Taos' Zeppelin.
Zeppelin has given us lots of stunning new babies in 2012 - including 3 true black girls we have named Mairzy Doats, Dozey Doats, and Lamzy Divey.  They are very exciting little girls.
Because we have these lovely new ladies we have decided to offer some of Delphi's true black foundation girls up at great prices for the Black Market.

Visit Delphi's Black Market on Alpacanation
Or click on the links at left to visit our other sites.

Wow - we had a great response to our sale!
We sold our package of 4 black females - Congratulations to Snowmass Alpacas on an excellent purchase.  This included 1 black Zeppelin daughter and 3 true black females bred to Zeppelin.
We'll be watching for them in the show ring!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Delphi is Celebrating!  We sent 4 fleeces to the National Fleece Show, (over 500 fleeces entered) and they came back with 4 Blue Ribbons, a Color Championship, and the Classic Cup!
Glow in the Dark, Rama, Aeon, and Lailah all received Blue Ribbons.  Lailah won Color Champion Grey Female, and Delphi was awarded the Classic Cup for the best showing of an entrant with 4 fleeces or less!

We're Celebrating with a great summer sale - visit our Alpacanation site by clicking on the link at the left.